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Meechs Menswear is changing its focus from men's clothing to John Henry Clip on Ties. This change comes after many decades of service to the United Kingdom and a global market in search of formal and informal menswear at an affordable price. We are proud of the reputation we have garnered over the years and are happy to continue to provide men with affordable, well-made products.



Meechs Menswear History
Meechs first store location was opened in 1928 by John Henry Meech and his wife Ruth, in a time when consumers put a lot of time and energy into finding clothing that fit properly and provided comfort with durability. Since then, the Meech family has opened a second bricks and mortar store in Yeovil and also presented consumers an online option for purchasing quality men's clothing when Meechs.co.uk came online in 2000. The company now caters to a global market of consumers.


Awards and Accomplishments
Over the years, Meechs has been fortunate to take part in many unique opportunities to promote our menswear for a global audience through the entertainment industry. If you're a fan of the Harry Potter movies, you might have seen our clothing in one of the first three films, as many of the lead actors were supplied with clothing from our shop. Our products were also featured on 60 Minute Make Over, ITV's captivating television show hosted by Terri Dwyer. World renowned magician Paul Daniels and his assistant Debbie McGee have used our handkerchiefs to hypnotize audiences around England.

Meechs' steady presence has led to a status among clothing retailers as a force to be respected, particularly with its sojurn into online commerce in the early 21st century. Twice, Meechs has been a runner-up in the UK eCommerce Awards, and a winner of the Broadband Britain Challenge. Our excellent communication skills have also been rewarded, as we have won the Constant Contact Allstar Award not just once or twice but six times.


John Henry Clip-on Ties: Our New Focus
Our John Henry Clip-on Ties, added to our luxury men's accessories in 2015, were named in honour of John Henry Meech, the company's founding patriarch, and like him these ties have outshone the competition. As a result of this success, we have made the decision to focus our specialisation on our unique line of clip-on ties. The modern gentleman can hardly attend a social event now that doesn't require formal attire, and our clip-on ties help even the most common among us to coordinate a successful necktie into our wardrobes.


John Henry ties combine quality material with timeless design to create a highly unique product that can be customised for any occasion. Over the past sixteen years we have enjoyed reading reviews and emails from customers who have expressed gratitude at our Clip on Tie and Conversion service, and we look forward to expanding our influence to a wider scope of customers from around the globe.


We are committed to providing you with the latest products available for online purchase and as always, outstanding personal service.

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